Plettenberg Bay, South Africa 21 June – 30 June 2024

Navigating Waves of Success: Plett Shark Spotters

Beach safety and symbiotic partnerships

Plett Shark Spotters outlines their achievements and initiatives since November 2022, focusing on the successful partnership with Bitou Municipality and sponsors for stability in funding. Operational successes, including daily shark spotting, improved beach safety measures, and noteworthy marine sightings, are highlighted. The organisation's involvement in symposiums, educational outreach programs, and ongoing research projects is detailed, showcasing their commitment to holistic coastal conservation. Hear about the plans for the future, with emphasis the organisation's dedication to beach safety and marine life protection in Plettenberg Bay. This presentation will be presented by Nicky Namntu & Melissa Nel


Founded in November 2022, Plett Shark Spotters stands as a vital force in balancing human recreation and white shark conservation along the shores of Plettenberg Bay. In response to escalating shark activity and tragic incidents, our program was implemented, bringing a wealth of expertise to the region. Operational at five beaches, the spotters not only ensure beach safety during their vigilant watch but also actively contribute to applied marine research, advancing our understanding of the marine ecosystem. Committed to holistic impact, they engage in impactful educational initiatives, enlightening the community on beach safety and fostering a connection with marine life. Plett Shark Spotters also play a crucial role in conservation efforts, working towards a future where coexistence between humans and the rich marine biodiversity of Plettenberg Bay is both sustainable and harmonious.

This event takes place on:

Sunday 23 June

09:30 - 09:55