Plettenberg Bay, South Africa 21 June – 30 June 2024

Plett Shark Tales

Shark behaviors and diversity, and collaboration in research

Join Melissa Nel, Program Manager at Plett Shark Spotters, as she presents key findings from their ongoing shark research in Plettenberg Bay. Discover the behaviours exhibited by various shark species along Robberg, explore the significance of the BRUVs project in capturing shark diversity, and learn about our tagged sharks' movements. This presentation showcases the collaborative efforts with research partners the increased understanding of local marine life. It's a journey into the depths of Plettenberg Bay's marine ecosystem, emphasising the importance of research in shaping effective conservation strategies.


Plett Shark Spotters, at the forefront of coastal safety and conservation in Plettenberg Bay since November 2022, operates as a vital force in the intersection of beach safety, education, research, and conservation. Guiding this dynamic organization is Melissa Nel, the Program Manager and a dedicated ocean enthusiast currently pursuing a Masters in Marine Science. Mel's research focuses on elasmobranch communities and shark behaviour in Plettenberg Bay's inshore waters, reflecting her deep commitment to the local marine ecosystem. With her unique blend of academic rigor and firsthand experiences as a surfer, freediver, and ocean photographer, Mel strategically leads Plett Shark Spotters, steering it toward a future filled with impactful waves of success, where research contributes significantly to the understanding and conservation of the region's diverse marine life.

This event takes place on:

Sunday 23 June

09:00 - 09:25